Workshop Liquid Glass is added to the cooling system to repair water leak problems like a Blown Head gasket, Cracked Head, or Radiator leak.


It is very effective with more than a 90% success rate and simple to use.


1. Flush your cooling system with WORKSHOP ULTRA FLUSH to remove loose scale and dirt.

2. Fill the cooling system with water.

3. Warm up the vehicle until the thermostat opens.

4. Check that the radiator cores are covered with water, shake and add 1 bottle of LIQUID GLASS.

5. Fit the radiator cap and start the vehicle.

6. Idle the vehicle for 15min.

7. Turn the vehicle off and leave to settle for 15min and check water level.

8. Repeat steps 6 & 7 until leak slows enough to drive (usually only twice).

9. Driving will cure the very small air bubbles that maybe still present.

10. Check and top up the water daily when cold for the next few days.


FOLLOW THIS PROCEDURE for an extremely high success rate even in bad situations.

If in doubt give me a call Ross +64 21 892179

DOSAGE: 1 bottle per car 
Large Machinery: 2 bottles

Freight is $8 per order flat rate nation wide throughout New Zealand. Per order - no matter what you order its only $8 freight


Automotive Repair Shops phone Ross +64 21  892179 for Trade Rates.

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